Bela from Odessa
Editora dos Editores, Brazil, 2019

It is a breathtaking story of love that the Russian Revolution derailed. Crossing horrors and seas, a young lady from Odessa arrives in Brazil. Will her lost love be found?

Passion might be the driving force in the saga of Bela Sadowik and Mischka Sumbulovich´s families. This love is shown through either an ideological and political fervor, or the intense connection between two young people who were soul mates, but whose love never gets to be fully experienced due to the circumstances of war.

As the narrative unfolds, this passion turns into obsession as these characters fight for justice, survival and the right for happiness.

Such feelings are embodied in the ultimate passion for life. Choices have to be made. They end up defining the fates of the characters amidst the chaos of the Russian Revolution.

However, an ultimate twist happens, strengthened in time, for generations, surprising us with an unexpected outcome in the present day. 

"Bela from Odessa is a legitimate, fast paced historical novel, with an engaging narrative, and an impeccable historical reconstitution. Bela will definitely touch the hearts and souls of those who will recognize silhouettes, tones and fragances of familiar stories. In a world of uncertainties, filled with immigrants and instabilities, this is an important picture of the growing number of people being scattered when the world becomes irrational and unpredictable. "

Rabbi Nilton Bonder,
author of Our Immoral Soul: A Manifesto of Spiritual Disobedience 

"Bela from Odessa is really instigating and touching from the beginning to the end. This gripping plot traverses continents and decades. All of that is backed up by an accurate academic historical research that transports us through time and space. We cheer for the characters regardless of where they may be: Saint Petersburg, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro or New York!"

Luize Valente,

author of Sonata in Auschwitz,
A Square in Antwerp and The Secret of the Shrine

"Bela from Odessa tells a saga within a saga, and the whole as part of the greater saga endured thousands of years by the Jewish people. A historical-literary matryoshka that, at every moment, transmutes its face, that crushes the most intimate juvenile and mundane dreams under stirring forces that overcome human strength to subdue them.

Bela reveals teenage dreams brutally collapsed under religious and ideological fanaticism (are they any different?). This novel speaks of love and change. Bela elicits, through one if its most important characters, the harsh reality test that slowly erodes unchanging certainties.

Finally, Bela from Odessa shows us how the winds of history scatter and collect the human dust as generations come and go. Definitely worth reading."

Mateus Kacowicz,