The saga of a Jewish family
during the Russian Revolution

The novel Bela from Odessa by Rachel Bassan is launched in Brazil
in September 2019, published by Editora dos Editores Publishing House.

"Bela from Odessa is a legitimate, fast paced historical novel, with an engaging narrative, and an impeccable historical reconstitution. Bela will definitely touch the hearts and souls of those who will recognize silhouettes, tones and fragances of familiar stories. In a world of uncertainties, filled with immigrants and instabilities, this is an important picture of the growing nunmber of people being scattered when the world becomes irrational and unpredictable." 

Rabbi Nilton Bonder,
author of Our Immoral Soul: A Manifesto of Spiritual Disobedience

"Bela from Odessa is really instigating and touching from the beginning to the end. This gripping plot traverses continents and decades. All of that is backed up by an accurate academic historical research that transports us through time and space. We cheer for the characters regardless of where they may be: Saint Petersburg, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro or New York!"

Luize Valente,
author of Sonata in Auschwitz,
A Square in Antuwerp and
The Secret of the Shrine

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